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Eco Movers Reviews

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  • No communication or Customer Service

    ATTENTION Anyone using this company, This is ridiculous on how they treat their customers. I was on hold with a Karen for 15 minutes and then she hangs up on me. I’m in the process of typing up my experience and how horrible they have treated me after taking the initial deposit. There are no follow-ups, assurance, no receipts for payments made, no replies to emails, no response to voicemails…. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is when you are moving a co-worker cross country and you do not respond to a single email on the day prior to the move?... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Customer Service

    Eco Movers Dallas, Texas / Nashville, Tennessee (800) 788-8212 FAX: (877) 734-9497 DOT #: 1387641 MC #: 528359 Customer service is non-existent. Here's my story, and it might sound familiar. Moving a co-worker cross country and this company seemed fine for the job. Quote was averagely priced, seemed responsive in the beginning of my experience but that quickly changed after they took my initial deposit. After the initial deposit, I never received a receipt for the amount paid, and the 2nd deposit at the time of pick-up was increased in price due to extra steps that I... More...
  • Accommodated to our budget

    Called Eco from a friend that used them not a while ago, I needed an expedited pickup and almost guaranteed delivery for my daughters things. After doing the inventory thing with them, they gave me a surprising price that was actually within our budget. My daughter called up a bit later to fix the fine details around, and after some checking with another competitor we signed up with them. Unfortunately there were a few unexpected items, but the movers on site were patient to let my daughter repack a couple of boxes in order not to exceed our budget. More...
    eebloch's Picture   eebloch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Short notice without a problem

    Got Eco's number from a friend that had moved at the beginning fo the year. His move had been within his budget, and quite satisfactory. After speaking to their rep, while getting that nice price I was expecting, I took a bit of time to read through the contract and show it to my wife. After a bit of adjustments and follow-up questions, we were ready to schedule. It was a bit of a short notice but they could do the job no problem. And there was no problem, movers arrived within their estimated time, quickly ran up the papers that matched the price quoted, and told us to expect delivery... More...
    Gordsell's Picture   Gordsell    0 Comments   Comments
  • Thorough and proper

    Found Eco through Google, I didn't want to spend more than a few hours on finding movers. Got a quick quote, the representative was also down to business, asked the right questions and their offered services where good. I did the same with a few other companies, who failed to be as professional as I expected. Finalized the contract with Eco and called a few days before the moving date to update the final inventory. Through and through a proper move worth the money. More...
    Tesswhite's Picture   Tesswhite    0 Comments   Comments
  • Professional from start to finish

    Was told I'd be moving a couple of months in advance, being super busy with packing and actual work overload I couldn't follow up on all companies that called to give me moving quotes. After a brief conversation with Julian from Eco, I was quite convinced, I had an additional pickup at my local storage and Julian from Eco made sure to overestimate and include all the small details in his quote. I emailed a few days before the move my final additions, which I didn't mind due to my employer giving me a moving allowance. Move day was quite solid without problems, and was... More...
    joselings's Picture   joselings    0 Comments   Comments
  • Made the best of past mistakes

    I needed to move from Houston to Oklahoma, but it had to be within a few days. Not forgetting my past mistakes I made my request clear to the companies competing for my business. I could wait and was almost fully packed, and between the companies that could do it, Eco came through first. Last time I moved, to Houston, it took almost a whole month for only 800 miles. They were very close to beating the best price offered, but since they could do the job the quickest, I went with them and wasn't disappointed. More...
    tinasiege's Picture   tinasiege    0 Comments   Comments
  • Saved me quite the hassle

    I needed to find a mover that would deliver straight up from Columbia to Raleigh. It wasn't easy as the dates I needed didn't fit with most movers, as well as a lot of the prices I got were higher than my budget. Quite unexpectedly Eco movers called me to tell me they could do the dates, due to a change in their schedule. The price was right and felt pretty confident about them. My confidence wasn't betrayed and the service was satisfactory. More...
    Sandrsllngr's Picture   Sandrsllngr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Proper business

    Wasn't thrilled about being relocated to Philadelphia, but I could chose movers at my own accord. Signed up to get moving quotes, sent all companies my full inventory along with updates. I was surprised to see that many companies fail at handling business by email. Near the actual moving date I called up the remaining competing companies to get some final details closed. Eco movers had the winning bid and by the process done, I was sure they'd do a good job. They did and was glad they held their part of the contract as they did. More...
    ebnsnydes's Picture   ebnsnydes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Saved me money, helped last minute greatly

    Almost made a hell of a mistake. Contracted movers without actually reading the contract, I was already out $200 for having chosen a company with impossible cancellation fees. Next the day before the movers arrived, they said my pickup address will require a shuttle for an additional $400, I freezed, asked them what about the delivery address and they said if they realized last minute that it requires a shuttle/van it would be $600. I said goodbye to the deposit and tell them to skip. I couldn't postpone the move date anymore, called up a couple of companies, sent the ones that could... More...
    kimbkins's Picture   kimbkins    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beat compeptitors out of the water

    My brother was finally giving up the piano we inherited, we both were worried about possible damages done to it, so we asked for quotes with a straight delivery. The price for the move skyrocketed because of this, and only Eco movers told us they could lower the price if we could wait an additional couple of days. Going ahead with it, the piano arrived on the same truck it was picked up and in the same condition. More...
    roamwhit's Picture   roamwhit    0 Comments   Comments
  • So helpful, would use them again

    Didn't expect to get recruited straight out of college, nor to move to Greenville. At first I was overwhelmed by the whole relocation process, luckily one of the first callers, Sarah from Eco movers, quite understood my situation. Her advice on how to pack certain items, what questions to ask, and her never ending patience was priceless. Her quote wasn't the cheapest, but without that first call I wouldn't be prepared as well, nor would I have paid the same price quoted on the day of the move. Delivery was as straightforward as had been the pick, not even a week apart. More...
    skimflore's Picture   skimflore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did my move right

    Finally convinced my husband to move to LA, planning the move was actually the hard part. Because we were doing it out of our own volition and a tight budget I was keen on getting the quotes right and fine tuning things. Much thanks to Lena for her patience, and the crew that came to pick up our things, things were smooth and without surprises. Delivery was coordinated live as we were driving and sight seeing along the way. More...
    laurlarley's Picture   laurlarley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Easier than last time

    Moving back after college, I wasn't doing the pod thing again, my furniture is quite heavy. So I went with a company that did tings per volume, I measured everything down, and got the best quote from Eco. Being that I could stay with my folks until finding a good place to stay (and to wait for delivery) I used their free storage for nearly a month until I found the right place. Once updated with the delivery address, I got my belongings back in a week, the whole process was easier and smoother than last time I moved. More...
    allshernendz's Picture   allshernendz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Glad to recommend forward

    Wasn't sure about moving back to Corpus Christi but my friends there convinced me. Even made my job easier by recommending me to Eco movers who had done a splendid job doing a friends' move. I was down to business and Julian fit the call, did a quick rundown of what I was taking, checked the dates, followed up in a couple of weeks to finalize details and scheduled for the following weekend. Price was excellent, movers arrived on time and things went down as expected, I'll be recommending them again. More...
    Bobwetsbrook's Picture   Bobwetsbrook    0 Comments   Comments

    If I could put 0 stars I would. Unfortunately, Eco Movers turned out to be the worst company that I could have chosen. Please do not use this company. It's a huge money pit. They held my items hostage by not delivering my things till 21 days later (this is in the contract in small print that you sign that they have up to 21 days) even though when hiring them for service they are very nice and ask what day you would like for delivery they don't abide by that DATE. They also managed to charge $2500 more in addition to the original agreed quote once they come to get your stuff. I had... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Visual30's Picture   Visual30    1 Comments   Comments
  • Small move great service

    Flew out for an interview in New York that ended up in what needed to be a nearly instant move. As I was being refunded I went with the full packing service. Called a couple of companies and booked with Eco after a substantial call with Sonya, She insisted on double checking, preparation for fragiles and important personals. It was great service despite it being a rather small move. More...
  • Pre-arranged, everything went great

    Couldn't wait to move to Houston after the wedding, so much so that things were packed and all moving arrangements done before it. The truck arrived on time, they packed up some thing as arranged, loaded everything and were on the way in a couple of hours. My sister was there for delivery, she gladly communicated to me everything was in order and even started some of the unpacking. It was great not to hear bad news in the middle of our honey moon. More...
    eulswhtley's Picture   eulswhtley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Came through

    Recently married I had researched and gotten quotes, but our destination was changed last minute to Springfield, which made us change movers to Eco as they had the better price and told us we could be delivered within a week. It wasn't much but the movers arrived early morning, did it very fast and told us the truck was heading that direction. Later that week we got our items just as they were loaded. Very happy with the whole thing. More...
    newsingmanh's Picture   newsingmanh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Nearly booked with a broker

    Moved from Trenton to Pensacola, was surprised at first to hear it takes longer to delivery to Pensacola than the rest of Florida. Almost rented a pod but not having a lot of things the price came out about the same for the full service. Nearly booked with a broker but Julian at Eco movers had brought to my attention some things to check, just to make sure I sent the quote for him to check & was told to avoid that specific company. The whole process was tiring so I went with Julian and Eco's offer. To some surprise it all went great. More...
    jamiestamps's Picture   jamiestamps    0 Comments   Comments
  • Least worrisome move done

    Husband's hospital had us transfer to Philly, rather found a nice house in neighboring Camden NJ. We had a couple of companies come in to give us a walk-through estimate which I later sent to other companies to compare. I was surprised of the difference in price from different movers. Called Eco as they had one of the better prices, Lena double checked the list and helped me decide to donate some of the things we had. The movers came in to pack everything the night before, were friendly and professional. Loaded and we were delivered a few days later. Was the least worrisome move... More...
    veradley's Picture   veradley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great recommendation

    Went out on a limb moving up north in the middle of the winter, but I got a great offer to work there and also on a house. A neighbor had given me a few movers numbers, helped me out as apparently if you sign up for quotes you get called by every company possible along with incredible amounts of emails. Price was matched by Eco movers and spot on. As soon as I could move in I called to update them, and had a truck going my way within a couple of days. More...
    charlshieton's Picture   charlshieton    0 Comments   Comments
  • Begun anew with a great move

    Wasn't looking forward for a coast to coast move but It has been a dream of mine for a long long time. A friend had used Eco to move out from Tampa and higly recommended them, I made sure to check out others and ask good questions. Lena at Eco was helpful, professional and calming; it is after all a very stressful ordeal to move across the country. The moment they came in and on time I was relaxed, the movers worked quickly and the foreman informed me they were going sort of straight to Cali, so I'd better hurry to get there instead of waiting way more. delivery was as promised... More...
    pualewells's Picture   pualewells    0 Comments   Comments
  • Professional & honest

    Husband got a new job at Vermont U, we'd visited before and fell inlove with the area despite the harsh winter. We got free reign to pick movers of our choice, after several dozen calls and emails it was between Eco and another company. We needed a guaranteed delivery and Eco could give us that at a reasonable price, pickup was straightforward and despite a delay in our part delivery was just the same, service was professional and honest all along the way. More...
    gaelicstern's Picture   gaelicstern    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flexibility and efficiency

    After a long career in construction my husband needed to get out to a more relaxed location, we had a couple of friends in Texas and ended up in Brownsville to great satisfaction. We'd gotten several quotes from different companies but only Eco offered the flexibility we needed as we had several snags in the packing process. The movers were very friendly and efficient from pickup to delivery. Communication was easy, helpful and our items arrived timely without harm. More...
    laaanarkin's Picture   laaanarkin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comprehensive, professional & affordable

    Wasn't looking forward to the winter in Denver, but I got accepted to a masters program there. Last time I placed most of my things in storage but as the university was paying I looked around for movers, Eco had me bought thanks to Gil, he was most comprehensive regarding my move, the movers came in on time, helped me pack up the remaining items and told me to expect delivery in 2 weeks, it took a bit less than that, All in all very happy with them More...
    MrsciaMrtnz's Picture   MrsciaMrtnz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eco came to save the day

    Moved in close to my son and his family in Columbus, I'll greatly miss Florida but its always going to be there. He had done some research beforehand and told me to check out Eco and another local company. Eco had them beat in a couple of short calls, both in price and friendliness from their representatives. Although we had booked for a week later they asked if I could be ready earlier in order to get loaded on a truck that was going that direction. I made the extra effort and turned the world upside down to make it work, totally worth it, I was delievered in less than a week and... More...
    kingofcaths's Picture   kingofcaths    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moved by experts

    I had enough of living in Delaware, when my employer let me go I flew to Miami, got myself a job and nice place in a matter of weeks, and had already found Eco to move me out. I'd sold most of my furniture so it wasn't a big move, but the guys that picked up my stuff were super friendly and said the truck was heading straight to Florida so I would receive my shipment in a few days! This was great news and a great way to get away from the coming winter. More...
    jessscher's Picture   jessscher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Didn't empty my wallet

    I decided to move to Louisiana to be closer to my aging mother; but I was on a really tight budget after trying to pay off some student loans. I thought at first to do the move myself, but all of the extra expenses turned out to be way over my budget, and definitely not worth the hassle. I started looking at different moving companies, and Eco contacted me. The sales rep, Gil, gave me lots of great tips for moving, and really seemed to know the business well. I went with Eco because of the ease that Gil made me feel, and their good reviews online. The move was really stress free, and my... More...
  • Eco movers relocation went great

    I wasn't looking forward to leaving the coast area, but at least the company was paying for it after the move. Unfortunately they requested me to be there much earlier than previously thought, I didn't have time to properly research movers and wound up using Eco as they were available on my dates. I feel lucky that I fell on movers that were professional and delivered as promised without harm. More...
    Stanthew's Picture   Stanthew    1 Comments   Comments

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bigdog123 says: (5 years ago)
WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO CUSTOMER SERVICE; TAKE YOUR MONEY & RUN SERVICE!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST MOVE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! They Promised in the contractual agreement to pick items up on Sat; no calls and no show. Took my money and now I have to get both my bank and State Attorney General Office involved for defrauded me out of my money deposited and not fulfilling their contractual obligations!!!

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